Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unpaid internship with NJPIRG

Internships with the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJ PIRG)

If you want to promote a clean environment, protect public health, learn to shape politics, and make a positive difference on pubic interest issues, apply to be a New Jersey PIRG intern today!

What does New Jersey PIRG do?

NJ PIRG is a statewide, citizen-based advocacy organization that stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten public health and safety, our environment, our financial security or our right to fully participate in our democratic society. Our mission is to generate the grassroots action, energy and power that it takes to make a big impact on these issues.

What do interns with NJ PIRG do?

In general, interns will learn about political power structures and gain knowledge about the issues NJ PIRG works on while learning to apply their academic backgrounds to real-world campaigns.  Interns receive guidance in developing skills such as crafting a message, writing letters to the editor, researching media markets, and organizing news conferences.

Interns with NJ PIRG can learn transferable skills in a broad range of tactics.  Based on the interests of the intern, these can include:

Communications and Event Planning: As an intern, you’ll help us generate positive media coverage.  You’ll organize press conferences by recruiting speakers and helping them craft their statements, researching locations, and planning logistics like travel and media coordination.  You’ll research journalists and craft targeted media pitches.  And you’ll write your own letters to the editor and opinion pieces and submit them to media venues across the state.

Coalition Engagement: As an intern, you’ll develop cases for our campaigns and deliver them to stakeholders, such as at city council or town environmental commission meetings.  You’ll perform outreach to business owners, elected officials, and other grassroots organizations to pitch endorsement letters.  And you’ll research trends in the marketplace and local regulations to best hone our messaging and educate the public and decision-makers.   

Design and Digital Media: To engage the broadest possible audience, we need attractive and informative campaign materials and innovative digital media strategies.  As an intern, you’ll design the “face” of our campaign through our social media platforms.  You’ll take charge of NJ PIRG’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and draft and publish online content to keep our followers up-to-date.  You’ll also use new platforms like Thunderclap to spread our message.

Grassroots: As an intern, you’ll work to build the base needed to apply political leverage.  You’ll collect petitions and cultivate a core group of volunteers to help.  You’ll organize and run phone banks to generate campaign calls.  And you’ll learn to lobby decision-makers yourself and to organize deliver events to mobilize the activist network you’ve established. 

How do I become a NJ PIRG intern?

Send a resume and cover letter to Natalie at natalie@weareimpact.org.

Apply today: We’re filling our positions for the fall semester on a rolling basis!

All internships are part-time and unpaid. We help you get course credit whenever possible.