Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Agriculture internships

We begin our internship program in Ag Entrepreneurship on Monday June 5. We have opportunities for volunteers who wish to learn about production and marketing of ethnic and mainstream crops in New Brunswick area.

Internship options include:
Indoor Cultivation (Vertical/ Horizontal Hydroponics and Geoponics) & Field crop production and Postharvest handling, and
Crop Production (Indoor & Outdoor) and Produce Marketing

Internship duration is from June 5-November 30, 2017. The volunteer is free to decide when to start and end his service during this period.

Volunteers have flexible work hours but need to give a week's notice to the supervisor about weekly availability.

A minimum of 20 hours a week (or four hours a day) is required for the volunteer to qualify for a lunch subsidy of $10/day.

The hands-on experience in our internship program is a treasure for those who one day might get involved in gardening, crop production and marketing.

We produce fresh and market fresh!

"Eating Fresh is Eating Smart"

If interested and wish to learn more please email me by Friday May 26!


Albert Ayeni, Ph.D.

Leader & Coordinator

Entrepreneurship Ag Program & Internships Rutgers' SEBS

Thursday, April 20, 2017

NJSWEP scholarship due April 30

This is from an email I got from a 2016 graduate, Deirdre Casey, who did an internship with Langan Engineering while she was a student here.  Now Langan has hired her full time!  Great news!  Congratulations to Deirdre!

She writes:
I wanted to remind you of a scholarship that NJSWEP is offering. I know you have already published it on the blog but I wanted to bring it up again because it is such a good opportunity.  Every year they offer a scholarship for one undergraduate and one graduate student of $2000 (scholarship description: Winning the scholarship also comes with a one year membership to NJSWEP which gives the recipient access to NJSWEP events, providing opportunities for networking and possibly internship/job opportunities. Applications for the scholarship are due April 30, 2017 and winners will be announced in May. All requirements for the scholarship are described in the word document attached. I am currently an NJSWEP member and I know that last year there was not that much competition - more students should try and take advantage of it!

Monday, April 10, 2017